A Sprinkler System
The First Step to Beautiful Landscape Construction

With Idaho’s hot, dry summers, a sprinkler system is a must for a beautiful lawn, and it must be installed before you start landscaping. If you don’t lay down your sprinkler system first, you may need to uproot what you plant to install the system, causing frustration and costing you time and money.

When installing a sprinkler system, your yard is broken into zones based on shape and water needs of the entire yard. Areas that are predominantly in the shade, for example, would need much less water than areas in full sun so they may be in separate zones. In addition, your front and back yards will usually be different zones.

sprinkler in corner

A sprinkler system is comprised of pipes which deliver the water to the selected zones. These pipes must be placed in the ground before the grass. Then there are valves, which allow the water to move through those pipes. Next in the irrigation system are the heads, which distribute the water to the pre-determined areas of the lawn. And last but not least is the controller, usually located in the garage, that turns the water for the the different zones on and off at selected times.

If you are building a new home in Meridian, Nampa, or Eagle Idaho, Star Landscaping would love to install your new sprinkler system as well as landscape your entire yard with quality sod, custom-built walkways, pristine flower beds, and a custom-made patio. Call Jose today for a free estimate and quality service.

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