Want to establish your yard quickly?
Sod is the answer!

When building a new home, laying sod as an early part of your landscape construction saves time as it quickly establishes a yard, and it is often less expensive than planting from seed. Seed may not only cost more, but it can also blow away. Planting sod has several other benefits as well. Sod can prevent erosion. Your top layer of soil will not get washed or blown away. In addition, sod also directs water into the ground where it may otherwise flood. Sod also keeps unwanted weeds from germinating, improves the air and water quality on the site, and can improve how well an area cools in the summertime. You can’t go wrong with laying your sod early.

If you need to lay down sod for your new home or your old lawn needs refreshing, Star Landscaping can provide quality sod and excellent, timely service. If you need any other assistance with your landscape construction, we can help there as well: installing sprinkler systems, planting trees, creating garden beds, establishing walkways and rock-scapes and putting up fences. If your yard needs it, we can provide it.

man laying sod

Would you prefer to lay the sod yourself? We can also provide the sod and other landscaping materials you need to do the job right.

Get started with your landscape construction today! We provide free, no obligation estimates! Star Landscaping serves Meridian, Nampa, and Eagle Idaho. Call Jose, and let’s get started.

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